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when will pubg india release | Pubg Mobile India Launch Date

when will pubg india release

when will pubg india release india BGMI ye ek most popular game hai india me or ess game ko Korean company krafton or Tencent gaming company ne milkar banaya hai pubg mobile or bgmi. Pubg unban in India 2023 Krafton ne Battlegroung Mobile India (BGMI)  Pubg Mobile India Launch Date android me 2 July 2021 ko or iphone me 18 August 2021 ko released kiya tha. vo bhi Indian Government ke Instructions ko follow karke and play store or app store par 28 july 2021 ko launch kiya tha when will pubg india release Pubg unban in India 2023.

PUBG Mobile to pata hi hai aap sab ko kaise ban huaa tha or Kyu huaa tha.Vaise hi Abhi Bgmi ko ban kiya gya hai. Vaise hi jaise Pubg Mobile ko ban kiya tha. Indian Government ne IT Act Section 69-A National security laga kar ess game ko ban kiya hai. July 2022 ko ess game ko ban kiya but abhi tak Krafton ne kuch jankari or latest news bataya nhi hai ess game ke bare me, tabhi bhi ye game indian sarver me kisi bhi barrier se chl rha hai.



Bass is game ko play store or App store se remove kiya gya hai baki sabhi store or sarver par bhi. Available hai ye game iski download link me aapko deta hu.but ye dono company manti hai ki ye dono game alag alag hai. But tum sak ko to pata hi hai done game me bass name ka farak hai baki to vo hi hai kuch change’s nhi hai in games me. Map bhi same hai lobby bhi same hai yani almost sabhi same hai.

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how to play pubg in india | how+to+play+pubg+without+vpn+creativepavan

Mere tarike se ye game cutoff of September 2021, PUBG  abhi jo currently unavailable for download in India due to the government ban PUBG and several other Chinese apps. Bhot se tarike hai game ko play karne ko in india PUBG in India, Attention they may not be legal or safe. We do not recommend using these methods.

  1. Use VPN: Tum VPN ka use karr sakte ho access the game servers from another country jha ye game ban nahi hai game is not banned. However, using a VPN to bypass the ban is illegal and could result in fines or legal consequences.
  2. Download a mirror APK: Tum download kar sakte ho mirror APK of the game from a third-party website. like Tap Tap However, downloading apps from unofficial sources can be risky, as they may contain malware or viruses that could harm your device.

which game is best pubg or free fire

Both PUBG and Free Fire are popular battle royale games with millions of players worldwide. but mere kyal se there are some key differences between the two games that may appeal to different types of players.

  • PUBG offers karta hai more realistic and tactical gameplay experience jo bhot acha hai, with larger maps, more like real weapons and vehicles, and longer(Big) matches. The game requires more strategic planning and teamwork, and offers karta hai more immersive experience for players who enjoy a more realistic military-style gameplay.
  • Free Fire offers ksrts hsi faster-paced and more arcade-style gameplay, with smaller maps, shorter matches, and more exaggerated weapons and abilities. Ye game bhot esssy hai accessible and easy to learn, with simpler controls and a more casual gameplay style.

which game is better depends on your personal preferences and gameplay. Agar tum enjoy a more realistic and tactical gameplay experience, PUBG is the better choice for you. If you prefer a faster and more casual gameplay experience, Free Fire may be the better option. Both games have their own strengths and weaknesses, and offer unique gameplay experiences that can be enjoyed by players of all skill levels.

Bgmi Rumors and Updates

Indian government ko abhi tak kuch latest update nhi mila hai krafton ki taraf se ess liye ess game ko abhi tak ban hi rakha hai. Ye game July 2023 ko ban huaa tha but abhi 3 or 4 month ho gain hai. Abhi sabb lo rumors faila rahe the ki September or November me aane wala hai but ye wala bhi update nahi aaya. Ye game Expected date 19 December hai.



Bgmi ke bare me to bhot se log alag alag batte karte hai but ye Pubg unban in India 2023 jaldi ho jana cahiye.

1. New update nhi aarha hai.
2. Royale pass bhi nhi kharid parahe hai.
3. Ye game kabhi wapas nhi aane wala hai.
4. Ye game hamesha ke liye ban huaa hai.
5. Abhi to khelne me kuch maja nhi aata hai.
6. Sabhi bot hi milte hai, game me.
7. Bhot log to khelne bhi nhi aate.

Aisi bhot si bate log karte rehte hai. But hamm to abhi bhi wait kar rahe hai ki jaldi se jaldi ye BGMI wapas aajaye.

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how to change nickname in pubg

  • Open PUBG: Start karo game ko PUBG on your device.
  • Tap on your profile: Tap on your profile picture, located in the top left corner of the screen par click karo
  • Click on the edit button: click On your profile page, click on the “Edit” button, which is located on the right side of your current nickname.
  • Enter your new nickname: apne mutabik Enter your desired nickname in the text field provided.
  • Confirm your new nickname: agar tumhara nam choice karke ho to entered your new nickname, click on the “OK” button to confirm the change.
  • Pay for the name change: Agar tum apna name change kar rahe ho first time, you may be asked to pay a fee in UC to change your nickname. If you have already changed your nickname before, you will need to wait for a specific period before you can change it again.

Your new nickname will now be displayed in the game. Please note that changing your nickname in PUBG can only be done once every 30 days.

when pubg launched in india

My knowledge se September 2021, the latest news regarding the launch of PUBG in India is game’s  ke developer, Krafton, has announced a new version called “PUBG Mobile India”. Krafton ne  state kiya PUBG Mobile India will be customized for Indian players, with specific changes made to the game to better reflect Indian values and culture. The company has also stated that data privacy and security will be a top priority for the Indian version of the game.

February 2023, Abhi tak to latest news nhi aayi hai updates regarding the launch of PUBG Mobile India, and abhi tak ye  not currently available for download in India. It is important to note that the Bharat ki government ne previously banned PUBG and dusre Chinese apps in 2020, citing national security and data privacy concerns. It is not clear whether the launch of PUBG Mobile India will be impacted by the ban, and it remains to be seen when or if the game will be released in the country.

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Pubg Unban in India Latest News

Bgmi or Pubg mobile unban latest new in india se abhi tak to kuch news aai to nhi hai or Krafton ne bhi aisa kuch bataya nhi hai or kuch time se bgmi ne updat bhi nhi kiya hai ess game ko jab se ban huaa hai. ye bhi news baarahi hai ki ye game jald hi aane vala hai or esme bhi changes hone wale hai players ka jo bhi data hai vo india ke bhahar nahi jana cahiye bas server paar hi rehna cahiye.


But ye game itna popular hogya hai ki jab se ye game ban hogya hai tab se sabhi players pareshan ho gai hai. jaldi se ye game wapas aajana chahiye nahito sabhi ki ummmid tut jayengi ess game se. yehi to ek game hai jo sab ka manlaga rehta ha.

But kuch dino pehle krafton ke report se pata chala hai ki ye game aapko jald hi dekhne ko milenga aap sabhi ke mobile phone par ye hope to sabhi ko hai ki jaldi se jaldi unban ho jaye ye game india country se. ye shayad december 2023 me aa sakta hai

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